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Ejector Pump / Sump Pump

Oil filled motor provides superior cooling and permanent lubrication of bearings minimizing maintenance and extending service life

Upper and lower ball bearings support motor shaft, minimizing the effects of impeller thrust loads.  This design results in minimum friction and perfect alignment of rotor, for long service from pump

Mechanical shaft seal is carbon and ceramic faced for long, leakproof life.

Water-resistant power cord with molded plug is available in 10 or 20 foot lengths.

Heavy-duty, cast iron construction provides long life and assists in heat dissipation for cooler motor operation.

Energy-efficient 1/2 HP motor runs cool and quiet for long life.  Motor windings contain automatic-reset, thermal overload protection

Discharge is standard 2 inch NPT (3" optional)

The high-capacity, cortex, thermoplastic impeller, which is threaded to a stainless steel shaft, efficiently handles up to 2 inch spherical solids.  Pump-out vanes on the back of the impeller prevent stringy materials from binding impeller or shaft

Bottom inlet has no screen to become clogged, providing optimum pump performance and minimal maintenance.

ejector sump pump

SKV50 Ejector Pump

The SKV50 1/2 HP by Xpert is a completely submersible ejector pump for use in handling waste water and sewage in residential and commercial building applications. It is available in automatic or manual configurations.

Automatic models feature either a wide-angle mechanical float switch or a mechanical diaphragm switch with piggyback plug-in arrangement. The switch is adjustable, easy to service and allows for simple conversion to manual operation.