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Flood Control System

The Recess

A recessed inspection cover is plated with your present lawn so you can mow over it.  The depth of this cover was designed by landscapers to allow grass, flowers, etc. to grow.   We also have metal and concrete covers available for driveway and parkway installations.

During a flood, water is rerouted to sump and ejected into city sewer

The Basin

We install a finish block vault, or a precast basin to house the preventer, the  1/2 HP ejector pump and it's plumbing.  The basin provides easy access to all the components providing lifelong use of the flood control system with proper service and maintenance

waste water from house

The Preventer PlusTM

It's the pride of Xpert and what we consider to be the finest and most dependable valve on the market.  Other valves have to be turned on manually, have to be started electronically or allow sewage to accumulate preventing proper operation.  The Preventer Plus remains open until flooding occurs and then closes automatically without any user intervention

City Sewer Backflow

The Guardian

Xpert Guardian keeps you aware of your pump's status at all times from inside your home


The Ejector Pump

The 1/2 HP ejector pump takes internal water and sewage from the overflow compartment and within seconds ejects it at a rate of 134 gallons per minute through the bypass.   This means that during flood conditions, you can use all the internal water you want without fear of backup.