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Interior Drain Tile System

drain tile interior basement foundation flood control system

interior drain tile installation with waterproofing membrane

  • Installed along inside perimeter of basement walls.
  • Non-moveable items can generally be tunelled under.
  • Floors are excavated around the perimeter.
  • A bed of #6 washed stone is placed alongside footing.
  • A new perforated drain tile is installed.
  • Vertical flush ports installed at corners for annual maintenance which is provided by Xpert.
  • The system is covered with a filter and #6 washed stone.
  • Xpert Sheet Drain (more info) is installed on top of the drain tile and cups the foundation wall to provide proper drainage and protection.
  • All floors are re-cemented and the work area is cleaned.
  • Battery backups are optional, but should be considered.