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Flood Control, Sewer Backup, and Flood Prevention Systems

flood control systemThese category of products installed by Xpert Flood Control are designed to prevent basement flooding, usually the result of sewer backup, Flood Control Systems involve the installation of a Flood Control Valve, installed on the home owner's sewer line. Flood Control Valves come in a variety of configurations such as check valves, backwater valves, balanced valves, single gate valves and double gate valves, there are also systems that use no valves at all. Other such flood prevention systems used for flood control are overhead sewers and lift stations.

flood control valveOverhead sewers are as effective for flood control as flood control valves are. They involve much more destruction to the interior of the home such as breaking floors and installing pumps inside the home and generally are twice the cost of a flood control system. Lift Stations are another form of flood control that does not involve a valve. A lift station requires the re route of your house sewer to a flood control basin where all your internal waters, sinks toilets, drain tile, laundry and gutters are pumped up and over to the severed portion of your sewer, therefore not allowing sewer back up to your home. This system is only used by Xpert Flood Control upon request or when your house sewer is carrying more than 4" of water, the downside to this system is that the pump has to pump 24 hours a day rain or shine.

Xpert Flood Control provides several types of Flood Prevention Services on all types of flood controls. Although we advise customers to deal with the original installer of their Flood Control or Drain Tile and sump pump systems for warranty purposes, we realize companies go out of business or just don't service their products, if this is the case Xpert will be more than happy to evaluate your flood prevention system and service it based on your flood prevention needs. The following is a list of our services that are provided annually to our flood control and drain tile customers.